Moving to P2 theme

Update: I have quickly rolled to using Gazette theme for my WordPress.com blog. Like Aditya mentioned in the comments, P2 theme is not meant for personal blogging.
I have always heard great news about WordPress P2’s theme being popular and used hugely by the folks at Automattic. This was back in my childhood days.
I am devoted to WordPress more than ever now – got a personal WordPress.com plan yesterday and I am writing down everything here.
Enabled P2 theme on this blog a few minutes back for fast-blogging. Let’s see how this goes.

7 responses to “Moving to P2 theme”

  1. Aditya Kane Avatar

    Not sure P2 works great on a personal blog. It works for Automattic internal discussions and also for WordPress.org teams. But here the main focus is on communication that is asynchronous, not blogging articles as such.

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    1. Arun Sathiya Avatar

      You’re right there. It just feels that P2 might fit my needs for now. Let me give it a try for a week.


  2. John Snow Avatar

    On the first view, I liked it… But I don’t feel much love it.


    1. Arun Sathiya Avatar

      Same with me. I’m a huge fan of minimal themes, and I chose it. Discarded later though and I’m using Gazette now

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      1. John Snow Avatar

        Oh ic… I saw your develop web page https://briffly.com/. Wow. How much you earned being a web developer?


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