Oh boy, Incredibles 2 was much fun! 😍

I have no words. Sequels are always exciting, but Incredibles 2 is beyond exciting! ♥

I didn’t see Incredibles when it came out in 2004. I didn’t even know that this movie existed until 2010 or 2012. I don’t even remember the first movie’s storyline, but I did go to the cinemas with my cousins for Incredibles 2, hoping for a good time. I cannot say I’m disappointed even a bit.

The movie 🎦 keeps everyone hooked. It’s a wonderful animation movie for the kids, and it’s an equally wonderful superhero movie for the teenagers and the adults. Overall, it packs a punch and keeps everyone entertained through the two hours.

Jack Jack is an amazing character, and I love how the movie blends the fun element and the superhero concept together, for a roller-coaster 🎢 entertainment.

If you’re free this weekend, you should see the movie! 💯 🤩

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