WordPress.com now has a nice little feature to download all media library files

Ever wanted to download all the media library files from your WordPress.com site in one go?

This is now possible.

  • Open the settings section of your WordPress.com site.
  • Click on the Export button.
  • Use the shiny new Download button next to the Export media library section.

This should download all your media library files (images, videos, documents and other files supported by WordPress.com) in one go.

This was originally a Automattic Grand Meetup project by my colleagues, which James has written about here.

I have also contributed a teeny-tiny bit to this work, and I am so happy with my first decent PR on Calypso! 🙃

At this time, this feature works for all WordPress.com sites, expect for the ones that are on the WordPress.com Business plan and have at least one third-party theme/plugin installed on it. The feature might be available for these sites as well, soon.

One response to “WordPress.com now has a nice little feature to download all media library files”

  1. wow! That is amazing — you saved me hours of work and I have the full resolution files. Thanks.


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