Telegram stickers to Signal

I found an interesting Telegram bot last night: Signal Sticker bot helps you convert Telegram stickers to Signal. It’s as easy as it can get:

New bot alert!

The bot mentioned below is not working. Telesignal Bot is an alternative that I found on this reddit post.

  • Initiate a chat with the bot.
  • Send a sticker, one that’s not animated.
  • Wait for the bot to generate a Signal-specific sticker pack link.
  • Click on it to install the pack on your Signal.

It’s that easy to move your Telegram stickers to Signal. I found another project (SignalApngSticker) that aims to move animated stickers as well, but I haven’t tried that yet. There’s an ongoing discussion about it on the Signal community forums as well: Animated sticker conversion tool tgs (Telegram) -> apng (Signal).

2 responses to “Telegram stickers to Signal”

  1. FYI, your bot seems to be broken.


    1. I noticed the same a few days ago. Unfortunately, this is not my bot.


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