Safari tip: Tab key to highlight next items in navigation

If you use Safari as your browser on Mac, here’s a Safari tip to easily navigate to the next field using tab. Enable Press tab to highlight each item on a web page setting under Safari > Preferences > Advanced.

An image showing the Safari browser's advanced settings, enable tab key functionality for navigation between fields of a web page.
Safari settings to enable tab key functionality for navigation between fields of a web page

This comes in handy for me, especially because I spend a lot of time on reddit’s old UI. After typing a comment, I need to navigate to the Save button, and that requires a tab input. Unlike the modern reddit UI (which is really bad), Cmd + Enter hotkey doesn’t work for submitting comments here. That’s a tradeoff I can live with, as long as old reddit UI is available.

Know any other Safari tip? Let me know; I am trying to make it my primary browser these days, at least on my personal M1 chip MacBook. The battery life on this thing is amazing (but that’s a story for a different blog post) and I can further improve it by using Safari over Firefox. Safari pretty much ticks all of my needs for personal usage.

2 responses to “Safari tip: Tab key to highlight next items in navigation”

  1. happychait Avatar

    Thanks for sharing that tip!

    I tried Safari briefly on my 2015 MBP and iMac but quickly reverted to Chrome. I too felt Safari is snappy even on my old Mac, but it lacks profiles and a better tab manager (I use Toby for Chrome). So I have to put up with Chrome although Safari is fast on Macs.


    1. Arun Avatar

      Yeah, I can relate to the Safari limitations: the lack of containers is a deal breaker for me. I am trying to use Safari for personal stuff these days, while defaulting to Firefox for work purposes. I also like that Safari is easy on the battery.


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