Poor confirmation UI after email address change on Amazon

Amazon India has a poor flow for email address change confirmation. A sensible flow would be one where you are prompted to verify the new email address in the form of a unique URL that needs to be visited once, or by entering an one-time password (OTP) that’s sent to the new email address. Amazon does the latter, but requires one to enter the account password to save the changes.

In the image below, we can see a messaging that reads Your current email address has been verified and in green. That’s indication that the new email address is saved to the cloud. But, that’s not the case just yet.

Only by entering the password and by clicking on Save changes, are changes saved to the cloud. I don’t understand the need to check for authentication one more time. I am able to initiate this flow only because I am logged in!

If I remember well, this is the second time this is tripping me off. The last incident was well over an year ago.

I wonder if it’s just Amazon India that does this or if Amazon in general behaves so.

I contacted their customer support team by chat as well, and they were clueless at best. They insisted they arrange a call back from the involved team, one that handles accounts questions. I am just glad I managed to figure it out before we took that approach.

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