There’s something special about old school communication

I sent birthday wishes to a friend from high school over email communication today. I wasn’t too sure if she would still have access to the address, or respond, but to my surprise, I received a response in an hour! We caught up on each other’s life updates over the next several exchanges. I remember our chats being usually short on instant messengers from a few years ago, but in today’s email exchange, I noticed we spoke at length, and I noticed a sense of happiness at her end as well; it’s similar to the sense of receiving a hand-writing letter.

In today’s world, instant messengers have made it incredibly easy to stand in constant touch. With this advancement in technology also comes the lack of conveying the human, personal touch that hand-written letters offer. Email is modern technology, but in comparison to chat apps that we have at our disposal today, the former still feels a bit personal. It’s also fair to say that email inboxes have become a junkyard for receiving subscription, marketing and transactional emails. So, receiving an email from someone you haven’t spoken with in a long time is a wonderful experience.

I fondly remember when my cousin of 6 years, at that time, sent me a letter all the way from Japan! She had written a full page message, made an art and packaged it neatly in an envelope for her dad to ship.

I haven’t written a physical letter in many years. I can’t wait to write one very soon.

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