Deleting unwanted Google accounts from a decade ago

Young me from a decade ago apparently had created a lot of Google accounts, one for each purpose: shopping, websites, social media, etc. I didn’t have the habit of using a password manager back then. So, I didn’t realize these accounts even existed until today. I wanted to explore Google’s account recovery flows, and I clicked on “Forgot email” (not “Forgot password”) option on the login page.

Entering the recovery email address, which is my primary address, shows a whole bunch of accounts that I haven’t used in many years.

A screenshot from Google login page that shows a list of Google accounts for recovery.

I ended up spending 15 minutes to reset password for each account, logged in and deleted them one-by-one. I didn’t bother checking what I had on those accounts’ Gmail or Google Drive. If I haven’t missed something in over 10 years, I doubt it’d be useful at all today. Also if I discover something embarrassing on that history, I don’t want my weekend ruined because of it. 😅

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