Setting up password managers for family and friends

I love what Troy’s doing here: setting up password managers for family and friends.

I have tried that many times in my circle, but only a handful of my audience are open to the idea of password managers. The concept of sharing all login passwords to a single app is just alien to them. Obviously, I do my best to clear up confusion, starting with how password managers are encrypted and don’t have the actual passwords, how they make it easier to generate an unique password for each website/tool, and how different password managers have different security papers.

In my three years of trying to educate my folks, I have successfully convinced only two members to start with Bitwarden. 1Password is easily a better choice, but the paid plan is a friction for most that are new to this concept, and most importantly for those unbothered by the lack of maintaining security hygiene. The other blocker is likely their worry of forgetting the master password. Fortunately, this is solvable on 1Password using the family member-based recovery feature: Recover accounts for family or team members. If you use that feature, be sure to remember your email login password though. Without that password, you’re locked out forever.

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